Getting Started
In order to participate in our online sales you must first register for a bidder number. Click here to register now!
When registering for a bidder number you will be asked to agree to our sale terms and conditions. These can be viewed under the 'Sale Details' section of any of our ongoing personal property sales. The 'Sale Details' page will be the first page you see when you click on an active sale under the online sales link. Once you've completed the registration online your bidder number will be sent to you via email. Your password will not be included in the email so please make a note of it when you are completing your registration. If you forget your password at any time you can have a reminder sent to you via email by entering your registration email address at the following link... Click here to have your bidder number and password emailed to you.

Submitting a bid
Prior to submitting a bid in any of our sales it is important to make certain that you will be available to pick up on the designated pick up date and time. If you do not live in the area or are unable to pick up at that time you can consider having the item(s) shipped in the event that shipping is available. Each item listed on the site will state the availability of shipping and the type of shipping available within the item description. For a more thorough explanation of shipping options please review the terms and conditions area of the 'Sale Details' section of the corresponding sale. If the item does not qualify for shipping, you are unwilling to pay for shipping or you are unable to pick up on the assigned day please refrain from bidding unless you've made payment and alternate pick up arrangements prior to the sale closing. To discuss alternate pick up arrangements please contact us at or 513-659-3274.

Once you've confirmed availability for pick up or familiarized yourself with our shipping options you can proceed to enter your bids. Upon locating an item you're interested in, look to the far right hand side of the screen in line with the item description. You will notice two bidding boxes to the far right. The 'Your Bid' and 'Your Max' bid boxes are provided for you to record your preferred bid amount (the minimum required bid is listed to the left of the 'Your Bid' box). However, these two bid boxes work differently and should be understood before placing your first bid.

The 'Your Bid' box will allow you to place any bid over the next required bid amount and will attempt to immediately advance the bid to the amount you've entered. If no other bidder has entered a higher 'Your Max' bid you will be awarded the item for the amount of your bid. If another bidder has entered a higher 'Your Max' bid they will be awarded the high bid at the most competitive increment at or over the amount you've entered.

The 'Your Max' bid box uses a system also known as proxi bidding. The amount you enter in the 'Your Max' box is not visible to other bidders. The system will use this amount to compare to bids submitted by other bidders and will award the high bid to the bidder with the highest maximum bid at the most competitive bid amount. For instance, if bidder 1 enters a $50 maximum bid and bidder 2 enters a $100 maximum bid, the system will award the bid to bidder 2 for $55. Please note that if you are using the 'Your Max' bid box it is best to leave the 'Your Bid' box blank (remember the system will calculate the next required bid at the most competitive amount). Also note that you can raise your own maximum bid by using the 'Your Max' bid box without increasing your current bid amount as long as the 'Your Bid' box is left blank (the system will, however, warn you if you are already the high bidder).

Once you've decided which bid box makes the most sense for you it is time to enter your bid amount on the items you are interested in. Please keep in mind that when bidding on items, you will need to submit your bids for items on the current page prior to moving on to a subsequent page. It is best to use whole numbers when entering your bids. It is not necessary to enter the .00 after your bid and forgetting to put the period in its place has led to a number of bidders accidentally entering 1000 instead of 10.00. Once you've entered your bids in the appropriate box, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see two boxes at the bottom of the page for your 'Bidder Number' and 'Password'. Enter the appropriate information in these boxes and hit the 'Submit Bids' button. The first time you bid in a sale you will be taken to a screen with a check box stating that you agree to the terms and conditions for the sale. Again, the terms and conditions are listed in the 'Sale Details' section for each sale. Once you've checked the box, hit the continue button. The next screen is a bid confirmation screen. Please review this screen carefully to be certain that you've bid on the appropriate item(s) for the intended amount. If you notice a mistake, click the link to cancel your bids and return to the previous screen. If everything is correct go ahead and click the 'Submit Bids' button. You will then be returned to the sale item page and the status of your bids will be highlighted at the top of the page near the column header. The system will state whether or not you are currently the high bidder. If you are not the high bidder you can repeat the process for the item(s) if you are still interested in. If you are the high bidder you can keep track of your bid status by hitting the 'Review Bids' button at the bottom of the screen. This will show you all of the items you have placed bids on in the sale along with your current status.

Please note that prior to the last day of the sale you will receive notices via email if you are outbid on an item. You will not receive notices on the last day of the sale since by the time the email is sent, it may be too late to come back to the site to adjust your bid. It is always best to review your bids directly on the site on the final day and even better if you can be available in the final moments to watch the bidding close. Be sure to continue to hit the refresh button on the last day to get the most up to date information (the information is only as current as the last time the page loaded on your computer screen). Please note that as long as you have previously recorded a valid bid on an item you can also see how much time is remaining and track your status by periodically clicking the 'Review Bids' button at the bottom of the screen for the sale in question.


Staggered item closing & Last minute bidding extensions
If you'll notice the titles of our sales state that bidding BEGINS to close at the scheduled start time. However, all items do not close at that time. Items close in the order listed on the site and typically close at the rate of 3 items per minute (i.e. lots 1-3 close at X:00, lots 4-6 close at X:01, etc). The corresponding number of items per minute which close in each sale will be listed in the terms and conditions section of the 'Sale Details' page. This was set up this way intentionally so that bidders can have time to evaluate their overall progress in a sale as individual items close. Additionally, if an item receives a bid within the last 5 minutes, the close time will be extended 5 minutes from the time the bid is placed. The time will continue to be extended for 5 minutes with each newly placed bid and the item will not close until 5 minutes have elapsed with no additional bid activity. On the final day of the sale the system will tell you exactly how much time is remaining (remember to be sure to continue to refresh your screen or hit the 'Review Bids' button). Please note that regardless of the extension process, all items will close no later than 12:00AM on the night of the sale. Whoever has the highest bid prior to 12:00AM on the night of the sale will be awarded the item. The item will say 'ENDED' once bidding has closed. Please be certain that we have taken every precaution to set the site up in a transparent manner that allows for the fairest environment for both buyers and sellers.