Chapter Two Testimonials

Chapter Two with Christy & Jill and their great team helped me and my family transition from a house to an apartment. They are all so well organized from preparing the items to sell, to the ads they ran in the newspapers and to the two day sale which they conducted from my home. The entire event went so well, thus I highly recommend Chapter Two Estate Sales.

V. Kadel
Anderson Twp.

Tom and I want to thank the three of you for the time, effort and expertise exhibited in making the sale of my mother's possessions so successful and worry-free. We cannot begin to express how much we appreciate your efforts or the relief we now feel - now that this process is finished. Together you took a long-delayed, emotionally stressful, and overwhelming task completely off our shoulders. Thank you.  

Because we were not able to hold an actual estate sale, we decided to pursue an online auction, and to be honest, Tom and I were initially skeptical on how well this would actually turn out. However, it quickly became apparent that we could not have been in better hands.   

We were amazed with the time and level of care put into each aspect of the liquidation process: from details concerning how best to display or group various sale items, to the exhaustive research put into gathering background information and preparing the item descriptions, to the quantity and quantity of the photographs taken of each item, to the orchestration of preview night and pick up; all aspects of the online estate auction and liquidation were carried out with efficiency and professionalism - all the while balancing it out with a personal touch.  We found this personal touch combined with your experience and dedication to be what separates you from your competition. You are definitely a step above all others. We found the entire experience to be beyond our wildest imagination.  

We have been "singing your praises" and telling all our friends and family about you the services you provide. We will definitely contact you again if needed in the future.  


Warm regards,

Debbie and Tom

Loveland, Ohio


Thanks again for all your help organizing and selling the contents of my mother's condominium. You really went the extra mile in several ways and I can't say enough about how much my family and I appreciate it! Through your research and due diligence you were able to present the odds and ends of our mother's estate in the best light possible and sell the contents of the estate for much more than we thought was possible. In addition to providing us with more money than expected to be used for our mother's care, you did a fantastic job of clearing the home out and even cleaning it for us, making our job of getting it ready for sale much easier. We can't say enough about how much you helped us move forward with the difficult task we were dealing with. Thanks again, we look forward to telling everyone we can about you!

A. Rissover
Amberley Village

Unwinding an estate is certainly a stressful and emotion period that causes anyone to pause and reflect. Engaging Christy and Jill of Chapter Two was the perfect solution to our liquidation. At every turn, the message was clear: 'Don't worry about it; we'll take care of that'. And they did. Constant feedback and suggestions. Elegant display and presentation and a real touch of genuine salesmanship made our sale a success. I applaud the knowledge, skill and research that went into that success. It is comforting to know that this monumental task is out from under us. Now we feel that we can get on to the next 'Chapter' knowing this is behind us. Thanks. You made it easy.

T. Huelsman
Anderson Twp.

I was fortunate to have Chapter Two recommended when I needed to arrange an estate sale at my house. Jill and Christy were just what I needed. You worked hard to set up an artistic presentation and to manage everything, including the final cleanup. Your family and friends who helped were hardworking and trustworthy. It was a delight to work with you and to get to know you as friends.

Barbara G.
Wyoming, OH

Holding an estate sale can be challenging both strategically and emotionally, often occurring at a busy and stressful time for a family. Allan, Jill, and their staff made the process a lot easier. They are professional and knowledgeable, yet also personable and easy to work with. Their skills at organizing, pricing, and creatively displaying the items for sale made for a stimulating and engaging atmosphere, and a very successful sale. If we ever need to do this again in the future, I would certainly entrust the process to the folks at Chapter Two.

Rick G.
Blue Ash, OH